Decimal to Binary Converter and Calculator Online

Decimal numbers are widely used in daily life. From our phone number to the electric bill. We surround ourselves with decimals. So, use our Decimal to Binary Converter and Calculator to convert decimal numbers into binary. It’s very easy to use. Just enter the decimal numbers inside the below box and click on “Convert”.

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Decimal to Binary Converter and Calculator Online

Decimal to Binary Converter and Calculator Online

The process to convert decimal into binary is not that easy as you think. However, you will spend a lot of time to change complex decimal numbers. To remove all these types of difficulties we present our decimal to binary converter.

Decimal is a base 10 numbering system. Whereas, Binary is a base 2 numbering system. Binary as the name suggests, contains only 2 numbers. That is 1 and 0. So, here we will convert a base 10 into base 2.

First of all, let’s take an example for better understanding.

Example 1:

Convert 1510 to binary:

Division by 2 Quotient Remainder
15/2 7 1
7/2 3 1
3/2 1 1
1/2 0 1

So, 1510 = 11112

Example 2:

Convert 18410 to binary:

Division by 2 Quotient Remainder
184/2 92 0
92/2 46 0
46/2 23 0
23/2 11 1
11/2 5 1
5/2 2 1
2/2 1 0
1/2 0 1

Therefore, the final conversion result is 101110002.

Importance of Decimal Numbering System

Although binary numbers rule the digital world. Also, decimals are the king in real life. Even more, we use decimals to represent many things. Therefore, we prefer decimals for greater precision.

Decimal numbers are very easy to understand. On the other hand, the binary number is not human readable. You can read it but couldn’t understand the meaning of it. For that use our tool for better and fast conversion. To represent decimal in binary, use the Decimal to Binary Calculator.

Since decimals are easy to understand. Hence, we adopt its use in real life. Price tags, phone numbers, weight, match score, result, or anything which you can think are presented using the decimal numbering system.

However, it plays an important role in the World Wide Web. There are two sides to a website. Front end and Back end. On the Front end, we see the content and design. On the back end, whole coding work and algorithms are present. The processing of the website is continuous in binary form. Whereas, to represent any content on the website we use the decimal system. Every numerical value is expressed in decimal.

Importance of Binary Numbering System

The Binary numbering system consists of only 1 and 0. With these two numbers, the whole universe of computing depends upon. It sounds crazy, but it is true. Thanks to these two numbers you are able to read this article.

Computers never understand our instructions. Until we convey them anything in binary. First, you need to change the decimal to binary Or any instruction into binary. For being able to understand by the computer.

1 is ON or Logical True. 0 is OFF or Logical False. In the 1 state that is ON, maximum current flow takes place. In the 0 state that is OFF, minimum or no current flow takes place. This is how we can control digital circuits and it’s flow. However, the same thing with decimals would be very difficult. Even more, it is not easy to control and visualize. Hence, we prefer the base 2 system.

The applications that you use in your smartphones or computer are at first programmed by programmers. Then they are converted into machine language. Because we program it using High-Level Programming Language and computers understand machine language.

Therefore, we are using compilers and interpreters for that purpose. The languages like JAVA, Python, C++ are called High-Level Programming languages. Also, syntaxes are easy to understand. Also, any human being can learn it easily.

Consequently, we use them for programming. On the other hand, machine language comprises of ones and zeros. Machine language was used for programming When human-invented the computers for the first time. It was very difficult for coders.

Why use the Decimal to Binary Converter?

Till now we have discussed, what is decimal and binary numbering system. Also, we laid off the importance of both. Now let’s discuss the advantages of using the Decimal to Binary converter.

  1. Our Converter is free to use.
  2. The user interface of the calculator is very simple. No confusing things are present. Anyone can easily use it. Without finding any difficulties. We have also written the steps for using it at the end.
  3. Save your effort and time. The manual calculation of binary from decimal is not so easy. With some complex and long decimals. It will become more difficult. But not with our Decimal to Binary Converter. Get every answer in less than a second.
  4. Get very accurate results. We assure 100% accuracy in answer. How? Because human commit mistakes but computers never commit it.

How to use Decimal to Binary Calculator?

Our conversion tool is online. So, First of all, connect to the Internet. Then on any Internet-accessible device open our Decimal to Binary Converter. Enter the decimal number. Press the “Convert” button. As a result, your decimal will be converted into binary. For new conversion press the “Reset” button. This is how decimal to binary converter works.