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Binary Calculator will help you to convert any numbers into binary, decimal or hex. Also, you can do a calculation with all the operations. Like addition, subtraction, etc.

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Binary Translator | Number Converter

Binary Calculator

Machine language is the Binary language. Every binary number can be converted to decimals, hexadecimal, octal, etc. We can also perform mathematical operations on binary numbers.

However, it is very time taking if we start doing it manually. Hence, use the Binary Calculator to perform mathematical calculations on them.

It is a very amazing thing to know that everything happening on any device is possible just because of the binary numbers. The two numbers 0 and 1 makes up the machine language. We humans can’t interpret the machine language.

That is why we use Computer Programming languages which are easier to understand. A certain compiler or interpreter software converts them into machine language which can be understood by the computer.

The Binary Calculator enables you to perform functions like:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • You can also perform logical functions like AND, OR, NOT, XOR with the binary numbers

These functions are not only limited to binary numbers. You can also take the first number as decimal and hexadecimal or vice versa. The system automatically converts the binary to hexadecimal or hexadecimal to binary.

In short, using Binary Calculator you can also do mathematical operations on decimal and hexadecimal.

Why use the Binary Calculator?

There are many reasons behind using the binary number calculator. Here particularly we prefer using the calculator instead of manual calculation. Following are the valid reasons behind it:

  1. Manual pen-paper calculations usually consume a lot of time, unlike calculators which take seconds. So, it can save your time and effort. Also, this saved time can be invested is some other work.
  2. Anywhere and anytime you can use the Binary Calculator for adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying. Even more, you can use it for binary, decimal, and hexadecimal numbers. Whereas on the other hand, you can’t do this if you go for manual mathematics. Just you need to have an Internet connection and device.
  3. For any work other than speed another most important stuff is accuracy. Without a doubt, it is obvious that you can’t get wrong output from a computer. It is basically due to that the tool is already programmed.
  4. Every time it follows its algorithms for solving problems in the same manner. So, the probability of getting an error is zero. Comparatively manual calculations may lead you to wrong answers. Because it’s our human brain working at that time.

How do the mathematical operations work on binary numbers?

The calculations related to binary numbers are very similar to that of normal numbers. The rules for operations are the same as it is in mathematics.

Just you need to know something about what binary numbers 0 and 1 give results on adding, subtracting and multiplying. This concept is similar to that of Logic Gates (OR, AND).

The easiest way to understand these calculations is by converting the binary numbers to decimal. After that, it becomes easy for you to perform mathematical calculations. It’s because you are already familiar with the mathematics of decimals.

For example, We want to add 101011 and 0001101. So, first of all, covert these binary numbers into decimals. So the decimal of 101011 is 43 and 0001101 is 13. Hence, the final answer is 43 + 13 = 56.

How to use the Binary Calculator?

As mentioned above it is a fully online service. So, firstly you should have a device to access the Internet and proper Internet connection. These are the two most important things you need.

Secondly, visit the Binary Calculator and let is load completely.

Now let’s know about the interface of the Binary Calculator. The First and second input box is for entering the first number. Also, you can choose binary, decimal or hexadecimal from the dropdown.

Between them, you have the options of operations. At the last, you get the “Calculate” and “Reset” buttons. When you click the calculate button then results appear in the below boxes.

Firstly, enter the first and second numbers. You can enter any type of number in the input box. The system will track the numbers. Even more, the dropdown options will automatically change as per number format. So, no need to change dropdown.

Finally, after writing the values click on the “Calculate” to know the results. For the new calculation press the “Reset” button.