Character Counter Tool Online to Count Characters

Counting characters is really the most frustrating job. After some lines, you will become distressed. In that case, use this automatic Character Counter online tool. It’s easy to use, quick and accurate. Now no more manually counting the characters. Use the best counter online in just a few seconds.

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No matter how long your lines are, our system will use its algorithms to show the 100% accurate character count in just a few seconds. The process is very simple and fast. So, now your work will become very easy. Also, in this article, you can find how the counter works? Therefore, just keep reading it.

Character Counter Tool Online to Count Characters

Benefits of Using Character Counter Tool

Imagine a situation in which you have to find out the exact number of characters present in a paragraph. One way to know is by manually counting the characters.

Firstly, it is very frustrating work. Secondly, no one can guarantee that the counting is accurate. So for that, we usually count again to confirm it. That is again a very annoying thing to do. Consequently, your time is also spent a lot.

Using this counter you will not face these kinds of problems. Just type or paste the paragraph in the text box. The numbers of characters will appear at the upside of the text box. Therefore, if someone chooses this way he saved his time and effort.

Whereas on the other hand, another guy is still counting 3, 4, 5, 6, …, 999, 1000, 1001. Then again rechecking to confirm!

What are the Uses of Counting Characters?

We have learned why we should use the character count tool. So, let’s try to answer the question that what are the uses of this tool?

  • Most commonly the character counter is used by the writers who wish to know the length of characters. They might be writing something which has a limited number of character usage.
  • Also, you can use this tool in social media platforms. For example, if you want to write a tweet then it must be less than or equal to 280 characters only. Using character count tool you can count the exact characters to make sure it’s accepted.
  • In a Facebook post you can only write 63,206 characters and the Facebook comment limit is 8000. Here also you can use this counter before writing a post or comment.
  • While sending a message to make sure that all your texts are sent. For that, you should send the message in its specified limit. So, Firstly, know your SMS limit. Then this counter will help you to write the message. Most importantly, here you can watch the live characters so that you don’t exceed the limit.

How to use Character Counter tool?

We know about the benefits and uses. It’s time to do something practical. How to use this tool? Follow the steps below and the process is very simple.

This is an online service, therefore, you will need an active Internet connection to use it.

  1. Firstly, you can use any device like Smartphone / Laptop / PC. On a device that can access Internet open the Character Counter.
  2. After open the tool, you can see an empty input text box.
  3. There must be written “Write/Paste your data here”.
  4. Copy the content/data whose characters you want to count and paste it there.
  5. As you will paste it there. As a result, the total character, words and line count will be displayed above.

You can also type the text in the input box and know the total written characters. For clearing the input box click on the “Reset” button. It will give you a new fresh input box. Now you can start typing or paste another content.

Other Features of Character Counter

The mainstream work of this counter is to show the exact number of characters in the content entered. But some other feature of this tool is, you can also see the number of words and lines of content. So, at a moment you can see three things. A total number of characters, words, and lines, and when you start writing, it will update automatically.


Above all discussion was about Character Counter. The main thing is that, the user interface is made very simple. So, anyone can use it very smoothly. Just type or paste the content and get the total number of words, characters, and lines quickly.