Time Calculator – Add Or Subtract (Difference & Duration)

Time Calculator will help you to add or subtract two times with each other. Also, you can find the Difference and Duration of two times. So, just select the time limit and click on the “Calculate” button.

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Time Calculator - Add Or Subtract (Difference & Duration)

Time is the most important asset. In this universe, time is a thing that you can’t control. Time and Tide waits for none! It is a universal truth. We all accept this statement.

Time being very important. It sometimes becomes a villain if you misuse the time so much. If you have the habit of wasting time then use our Time Calculator. It will increase your productivity. You can also save time too. Which you can later utilize for something.

Measurement of Time

There are many units we use for measuring time. Like second, minute, hours. Some very small units of time are picosecond, nanosecond, microsecond and millisecond. These units are least observable by humans. Special slow-motion devices are used for it.

Similarly, there are some units which we use for measuring a very long time. Like an hour, day, week, month and year. If you go more beyond then you have a quarter, leap year, decade, century and millennium. The basic or standard unit of time is second.

History of Time

Today we have a clock and watches to watch the time. It will be very interesting to know how ancient people handled time without modern facilities. The concept of measuring time and coining of the terms like minutes, seconds and hours was first done by Egyptian Civilisation. They only developed the 24 hours day concept.

They used nature as a clock. The day was divided into 12 parts. Ranging between sunrise and sundial. After that more modification was done. As humans developed, new methods were introduced.

Like the use of hourglass. Which consisted of two parts in which one portion was filled with sand. The filled portion was kept the upside. While the empty potion was kept downside. Time elapsed was measured using the rate of falling of sand. From the upper part to the lower part.

Unit of Time

One minute contains 60 seconds. An hour has 60 minutes. Therefore, one hour ultimately has 60 x 60 seconds = 3600 seconds. For one day it will be 3600 x 24 = 86,400 seconds. As one day has a total of 24 hours. Similarly, you can find out your calculation by this basic conversion. Our Time Calculator can do every type of time calculation. That too in less than a second.

Features of Time Calculator

Our Time Calculator has the best features which make it the best online time calculator tool. It has a very basic and simple user interface. You can add or subtract the duration of time. Just select the “+” sign if you want to add two times. Select the minus sign if you want to find the difference between two times.

You can enter the time in Years, Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds. Also, there is an option to fetch the current time. So, click the “Now” button at the side of the input boxes. The resulting time is also shown in Years, Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds.

How to use the Time Calculator?


  • An active Internet connection. As it is an online tool.
  • A device which can access Internet. Preferably a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC.
  • Web browser to open the website.


  1. First of all, open your web browser. Then go to the Time Calculator.
  2. When the website is completely loaded start filling your data. The format for entering data is Years, Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds. For current time simply click the “Now” button. It is not necessary to enter all the data prescribed in the format. Choose whatever is your requirement.
  3. After filling both fields, Select the operator (Add or Subtract).
  4. Press Calculate button to calculate the result.
  5. For new calculation click on “Reset” button. It is at the side of the Calculate button in the Time Calculator.

Advantages of using the Time Calculator

Manually determining the difference or duration between two given times is difficult. Also, it is very time taking. Therefore, in order to reduce your effort. As well as to save time. So, It is better to go for the Online Time Calculator.

If you do mathematical calculations on your own, Without using any calculator. Then no one can guarantee your accuracy. You are prone to commit a mistake. So, this isn’t happening with the Calculator. Also, Time Calculator is always 100% accurate. Because we have tested it properly.