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Are you looking for a Final Grade Calculator to find what you will achieve in your final exam? This is the right place to do final grade calculations. This tool will save your time and give you accurate results of grades. Even more, it calculates the grades very quickly. So, you just need to enter the numbers inside the below boxes and get the results.

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How does Final Grade Calculator work?

Generally, most of the school or semester class grades are made in a few categories. Such as classwork, homework, mid tests, quizzes, secondary exam, and final exams. So, each category is worth overall grade calculation.

If you score in all these categories then after you can achieve a better score in your final exam. So, when you calculate your current overall grades, the final exam score will not be included in that.

Therefore you need to calculate the minimum grade that you need to score in your final exam. So, you can get better results in the final exam.

That’s why you need to use this final grade calculator tool to know how much minimum grades you need to take.

The mechanism behind this tool is:

Goal = ( Required – (100% − Final Weight) x Current ) / Final Weight

It’s not that complicated science formula. It is just a simple mathematical equation. Also, you can apply this formula in any normal calculator. But in our tool, you don’t need to keep the formula in your mind. It will automatically calculate and give you the exact results.

How to use?

There are a few simple steps to calculate your grade. Just follow the instructions.

  1. First of all, you need to open the final grade calculator link in your browser.
  2. Secondly, you can see the calculator box at the top of the page.
  3. 2 options are there. Percentage and Letters. Choose any one.
  4. Then you can see the 3 input box.
  5. First box is for Current Grade where you can add your current grade.
  6. Second box is for a required grade.
  7. And third is for final weight in percentage.
  8. At last click on Calculate Button.
  9. You will get the final result at the bottom of the box.

In this tool, you can calculate the grade in percentage. Even more, you can choose the “Letter” option for grade dropdown options. It will automatically take the grade criteria as a percentage.

Now, let’s take some examples and understand the formula deeply.

Final Grade Calculation

Example 1:

Your current grade = 75% (or B-).
Final exam weight = 40%
The estimated grade = 85% (or A-)

Finally, the calculation is as below.

Final School Exam Grade =

= [ Estimated Grade – (100% – W) x Current Grade ] / W

= ( 85% – (100% – 40%) x 75% ) / 40% = 100%

So, the final exam grade should be 100% (or A+).

Example 2:

Let’s take 3 assignments in this example.

1) weight1 = 40%, grade1 = 17 out of 20.
2) weight2 = 20%, max grade = 40.
3) weight3 = 25%, max grade = 50.

So, now let’s find the average grade in assignment 2 and assignment 3 needed to get a class grade of 90%.


Current grade = Assignment 1 grade = grade1 / max grade1 = 17/20 = 0.85 = 85%
Estimated grade = 90%
Final exam weight = W = weight2 + weight3 = 20% + 25% = 45%

Final exam grade =

= ( Estimated grade – (100% – W) x current grade ) / W

= ( 90% – (100% – 40%) x 85% ) / 40% = 97.5%

So, finally, you have got the final grade calculator results. And the final grade you can achieve is 97.5%.

Even more, you can calculate assignments 2 and 3 grades in the same manner.

Assignment 2 grade = 97.5% x max grade = 97.5% x 40 = 39
Assignment 3 grade = 97.5% x max grade = 97.5% x 50 = 48.75

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