Scientific Notation Calculator

Use Scientific Notation Calculator to calculate the Scientific notation, E notation, and Decimal Notation. It allows you to do four operations addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


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Scientific Notations are an important concept in the field of science. It is mainly used for representing the long numbers in the simplest form. The Scientific Notation Calculator is a tool designed to perform mathematical operations with the scientific notation numbers.

Scientific Notation Calculator with Formula and Examples

Using scientific notation, very small numbers can also be represented in the simplest form. Also, this decimal representation makes the calculations convenient. That is why this thing is very popular among mathematicians, engineers, and scientists.

In Britain, it is known as Standard Form. We can write 700 as 7 × 102 that is called Scientific Notation. For small numbers like 0.0003, we can write it as 3 × 10-4.

However, scientists, engineers, and mathematicians represent very small or very big numbers using scientific notations. Precision lengths are recorded in this manner.

If you don’t use the scientific notations then it will be very difficult for you to perform arithmetic operations on them. Consequently, it is not understandable and hard to remember.

Scientific Notation Calculator reduces human effort and gives results in one click. At last, we have also provided the procedure to use the calculator. Make sure to check that.

Applications of Scientific Notation Calculator

  1. Addition
  2. Subtraction
  3. Multiplication
  4. Division
  5. Display the results in Scientific Notation, Decimal, and Exponential(E) notations.

Why Use Scientific Notation Calculator?

We can obviously apply the mathematical operations on scientific notations manually. Then why should we move towards the calculator? There are various reasons for it. So, let’s all together explore them one by one.

  • First of all, undoubtedly the chances of errors are much higher when you go for manual calculations. This is just because we use our brains. The tool is already programmed and it uses its algorithms to answer all questions. If a user enters the correct input then he will definitely get the correct output. You can never expect that a computer will give wrong results. If it happens then the problem must be with the inputs. The probability of error becomes zero. So, you need to have this great accuracy calculator or similar tools.
  • What is the most important element in our lives? Undoubtedly, the answer is Time. For anyone, it is necessary to save time. Why invest a lot of time and effort into a labor work which can be accomplished in seconds? If you think similarly then you must have got the answer to why we should use the scientific notation calculating tool.
  • Another most important factor behind using the scientific notation calculator is the availability. Maybe the pen-paper is not present everywhere. So, in that case, the last option remains is the online calculator. In the same manner if sometimes you are not willing to perform calculations then this tool will help you fetching the answers.
  • Some people may don’t know the process for calculating scientific notations. So, for them, it is the best way to learn it. Also, the user interface is very easy. Hence one can easily use it without any high-level technical knowledge.

Step by Step Process to Use the Calculator

Till now we discussed what scientific notation is and why we use them. Also, we have talked about the uses of a tool for performing arithmetic operations. As we know we can add, subtract, multiply, and divide two scientific notation numbers. So, now let’s know how we can use this calculator? Therefore, we don’t encounter any problem while using it.

You must have to be online to do scientific notation calculations. All the processes of this tool work with the Internet. So, you should have a device that can access the Internet and obviously an active Internet connection.

Then open Scientific Notation Calculator on your browser and wait till the page loads. After that, you can see different input boxes. You can enter the notation values by first entering the number and then the power of ten.

Similarly, do the same for the second one. After that, select the mathematical operation that you want to perform. Finally, press the “Calculate” button and as a result, you can see the output below. For new calculations just press the “Reset” button.


For 2 number p1 and p2:

p1 = q1 × 10x1
p2 = q2 × 10x2


p1 + p2 = q1 × 10x1 + q2 × 10x2


p1 – p2 = q1 × 10x1 – q2 × 10x2


p1 x p2 = q1q2 × 10x1 + x2


p1 / p2 = (q1 / q2) × 10x1 – x2

Above all are the formulas for scientific notations with operations. Even more, you can calculate all the operations in this calculator. As a result, you will get Scientific Notation, E Notation, and Decimal Notation as an output.