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Student life is literary full of grades, marks, and percentages. If you are in school or college then this grade calculator will surely help you by calculating grades. Also, you can know your subject abilities. Even more, it helps you to set up goals for the next exam preparation.

Grade Calculator - Weighted, Amazing, Final, College, Semester, Class

You can use your mobile or computer calculator for calculating grades manually. But it’s not a convenient way to do so. It will take a lot of time to figure out. Most importantly, no one can guarantee that the end result is true or not. That’s why it is recommended to use the online grade calculator tool. Also, it will never give false output results. Because it is working on programmed algorithms.

Weighted Grade Calculator Formula & Calculation

First of all, let me tell you the definition of weighted grade calculation.

Definition: The weighted grade is equal to the sum of weight in percentage(%) multiply by grades. So, the formula is like this:

Weighted Grade =
W1 x G1 + W2 x G2 + W3 x G3 + W4 x G4 + W5 x G5 + …

Now let’s take some examples to understand it.

Example 1

Math course with a grade of 90 and a weight of 20%.
Physics course with a grade of 80 and a weight of 40%.
Social Science course with a grade of 85 and a weight of 25%.

The weighted grade is calculated by:

Weighted Grade =
= w1 x g1 + w2 x g2 + w3 x g3
= (20% x 90) + (40% x 80) + (25% x 85) = 18 + 32 + 21.25 = 71.25

Now, if the weights are not in percentage(If it’s in hours or points) then we need to divide achieved grades by sum of weights.

So, for five subjects the calculation looks like this:

Weighted Grade =
(W1 x G1 + W2 x G2 + W3 x G3 + W4 x G4 + W5 x G5) / (W1 + W2 + W3 + W4 + W5)

Therefore, the final grade calculation is:
(20 × 90 + 40 × 80 + 25 × 85) / (20 + 40 + 25) = 7125 / 85 = 83.82

Example 2

5 points Math course with a grade of 90.
4 points Physics course with a grade of 85.
2 points Social Science course with a grade of 75.

Weighted Grade =
= (w1 x g1 + w2 x g2 + w3 x g3) / (w1 + w2 + w3)
= (5 x 90 + 4 x 85 + 2 x 75) / (5 + 4 + 2) = (450 + 336 + 150) / 11 = 85.09

Above all calculations are using to calculate your exam or semester grades online. So, this tool will help you to get an estimated grade in the exam.

Use of Grade Weight Calculator

To make more productive preparation, you must have to set your aim. Aim the grade you want and using this grade weight calculator, you can know what needs to achieve it. It will also helpful for motivating to study harder. In addition, there are a bunch of grade calculators available on the Internet. But this tool is most recommended because we give 100% reliance that it will never display false results. Because algorithms have been checked and tested numerous times. As a result, we provide you the best weighted grade calculator.

How to use the Weighted Grade Calculator?

  • First of all as it’s an online service so make sure you have a proper Internet connection.
  • Then open any browser like chrome, safari, or firefox.
  • Visit the Grade Calculator.
  • When it completely loads up, you will see a form with empty fields.
  • Enter the values one by one as per your requirements.
  • In addition, it supports percentage, letters and points grade calculation. So, you can select anyone of them as you want.
  • After entering values, recheck all the values.
  • Lastly, click on the “Calculate” button.
  • As a result, you will get Average Grade, Grade Calculation and Additional Grade Needed in below boxes with bar graph.

If you are still confused about how to use the calculator? Here is the step by step instructions that you can follow and do the calculation easily.

Setp 1: Choose the Calculation Type

First of all, choose which type of calculation do you want to do. There are three options. Percentage, Letters, and Points.

step1 -Choose Grade Calculator type

Step 2: Enter the Values

Now the second step is entering the values as per your need. Most importantly, you have to enter the values as per the calculation type.

If you choose the Percentage then you have to enter Grade(%) and weight.


If you are calculating Letters then firstly, you can select the grade and then enter the credit.


For Points calculation, you can enter Grade(points) and Max Grade(It is optional).


Step 3: Enter Goal Grade

Another useful option in the grade calculator is that you can set your goal grade. So, you can find how much more grade is required to reach your goal. But it is optional. You can leave it if you don’t want to use it. However, if you use it then you can see the addition grade needed to reach aim grade.

step3 - Enter Goal Grade in Weighted Grade Calculator

Step 4: Hit Calculate Button

Lastly, you can enter the “Calculate” button to get the final result. Also, you can add rows by entering the “Add Row” button for more subjects.

Step4 - Enter calculate button

Step 5: Get Output

Finally, as a result, you get get the output below with a bar graph. Even more, you will get a GPA for Letters calculation and Total Grades in Points calculation.

Step5 - Get Output

Tips to Improve Grades

Do you really want to turn your bad grades into first-class? For reaching the top you can use the Weighted Grade Calculator for strategizing your studies. Follow these tips for making your studies productive.

1. Be Attentive in Class

It’s very important to be focused on classes. Be attentive and listen to all the information that is providing by faculties. Keep yourself engaged with the flow. Learn the things taught in class and revise them in your home. Even more, ask again to the teacher if you encounter any doubts. It is also advised to read in advance. It means read before you are learning today at school or college. Experience your improving grades and keep on eye on it using a college grade calculator to determine your grade at the end term.

2. Make Notes

You can’t neglect this point. It is necessary to make notes for effective preparation. Also, this is the secret of toppers. It can surely improve your grades. Learning and writing is a deadly combination. Whatever you learn or read, make notes of it. For that you can use Online Notepad Tool. Preparing notes has a lot of benefits. Some of the advantages of preparing notes are:

  • When you write while studying. Then it maintains your concentration and you will not feel tired or sleepy.
  • Filling pages develop a sense that you are putting effort. It also motivates you. Subsequently, satisfies you that you have studied.
  • If you want to learn something. For example, a derivation or formula. Then by writing it, you remember it fast as well as for a long time. Written things can be retained after a long time. On the other hand, reading it takes more time. Most importantly, complex stuff can be made simple using this trick. Hence, it is important to create notes.
  • You can use the notes for quicker revisions. Therefore, the notes can be very beneficial if you are in a hurry for any tests. It is also advised to prepare very short notes. Because it covers all important things of the chapters.

3. Study with a Strategy

Never go blindfolded. Because it results in time wastage with unguided paths. Therefore, go through your syllabus. It will ensure that you will study whatever is needed for your exams. First of all, decide what and from where to study. Prepare a schedule in which you are comfortable. Follow it strictly. In addition, divide your study hours for each subject or topic. Give more time for lengthy or difficult topics. Select good sources to study.

4. Get Rid of Procrastination

Procrastination means delaying or postponing a task. Most of the students usually develop a habit of postponing their studies. It causes degradation of your grades or marks. Complete everything that is in your schedule. Most importantly, never skip your study for the next day. Study every day. Also, the best advice is to follow your routine strictly. Make the routine according to your time schedule. If you are finding difficulty in some topics or chapters then put them in a backlog list. So, you can complete those after finishing the other things. Remove procrastination to get into the toppers list.

5. Eat Sleep Repeat

To study effectively it necessary to maintain a good diet along with a good sleep cycle. So, get enough sleep that can keep you fresh all day. Most importantly, eight hours of sleep is good for an average person. Even more, it depends on person to person. In my opinion, the most effective study time is the morning time(After a good sleep).

Avoid eating too many sugary items like chocolate and cake. Also, say no to junk food. They really harm you to some extent. Take a proper diet. For example, fresh vegetables, milk, and healthy seeds, etc. These efforts will benefit you to attain good grades.

Take small snacks between study hours. This will keep a constant supply of energy. Also, it helps you to maintain concentration. Drink plenty of water during the day. Most importantly, don’t skip meals. Because an empty stomach will create a lot of disturbance.

6. Setting Environment

To properly study you need a suitable environment. You can’t study between the shouting atmosphere. So, find and get a peaceful environment for study. Keep your mobile phone aside or notifications turned off during the study time. In short, remove every type of noise. These little things will result in a good grade.

Follow these tips for attaining a good grade in your next exam. So, why are you waiting for? Start following these tips now and achieve good grades.

Also, you can use the weighted grade calculator tool to determine your grade. Because it’s the most recommended tool for school and college students.

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