Quadratic Formula Calculator

Quadratic Formula Calculator will help you to make your calculation easy and fast. Just enter your numbers and get the results quickly. Also, you can find it’s equations in this article.

  A =   B =   C =  
The Quadratic Equation: x2 + x + = 0
Discriminat: Δ  =
Quadratic Formula: x1,2=
First Root: x1   =
Second Root: x2 =

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Quadratic formula calculator with equation

In mathematics, the most interesting equation we come across is the Quadratic equations. In our school, we were taught formulas for finding the roots of the quadratic equations.

We always wished that if there was a Quadratic Formula Calculator which would make our work easier.

However, now this thing is possible. Now, no need to go through the long boring procedure.

Calculating the roots of the second-order polynomial equations or quadratic equation is very simple using our Quadratic Equation solver.

Quadratic Equation

The standard form of a quadratic equation is:

ax2 + bx + c = 0

A quadratic equation has at most two roots. Solving a quadratic equation ultimately most of the time means finding the roots. Sometimes at first complex equations are simplified to make it in standard form. Then values of a, b and c are used in the formula to get the roots.

The formula for finding the roots is:

Quadratic Formula

The term b2 – 4ac is known as Discriminant. Two roots are calculated once by putting the positive sign and another one by putting a negative sign.

Quadratic equation

There are three possibilities of getting the types of roots. These possibilities depend upon the value of Discriminant.

  • If b2 – 4ac = 0 then there will be only one real root.
  • If b2 – 4ac > 0 then there will are two real roots.
  • And if b2 – 4ac < 0 then there will be two complex roots.

How the Quadratic Formula Calculator works?

The process used behind the Quadratic Formula Calculator for solving roots is the same as in mathematics. Just you don’t need to do the manual calculation during the process. Only you are required to put the coefficients. After that press the calculate button for answers.

For example, your quadratic equation is 4x2 – 2x + 1 = 0. Therefore, your coefficients are: a = 4, b = -2 and c = 1. So, you need to enter them in the input boxes. Remember a is the coefficient of the squared variable, b is for one – degree variable and c is the last one.

Meanwhile, let’s solve the above equation using the Quadratic equation root formula. Above all, the most important thing is to know the coefficients which we already know.

Now put these values in the formula. After that solve it once by taking a positive sign and another time by taking a negative sign to get the two roots.

Find the Discriminant ( b2 – 4ac ). Then check the conditions of the roots. The final roots of the quadratic equation will be:

X1 = 0.25 + 0.433013i
X2 = 0.25 – 0.433013i

Reduce this time and effort elapsed for finding these roots. The Quadratic Formula Calculator is the best tool for finding the roots of any quadratic equation.

Why to use the Quadratic Equation Calculator Tool?

  1. Manual calculations take time very much. Subsequently, it becomes worst when there are some complex equations. Therefore, to save time and effort we should avoid manual calculations. On the other hand, using the tool you can easily get results in seconds.
  2. No one can guarantee that the human brain will not commit a mistake. However, in the case of Computers, the chances of errors are zero. Only if there is some wrong input then it will show the wrong output. If you are correct from your side, then you can never get the wrong answer. The tool is pre-programmed, and all the time works using the same algorithms.
  3. Obtainability is another most important factor. Nowadays, you carry your smartphone and other devices everywhere. In many cases, it happens that you don’t have a pen and paper to solve the equation. In those cases, these tools are very helpful. Therefore, for availability, you should always consider the Quadratic Formula Calculator.

How to use the Quadratic Formula Calculator?

The Quadratic Equation Solver is an online service. Hence, it can be only used when there is an Internet connection. Also, you should have a device that can access the Internet. Once you are above all these requirements just open your browser and visit the Quadratic Formula Calculator.

As mentioned above you should first arrange the coefficients and then enter them incorrect boxes. But if the equation is not in the standard form then simplify it to make it in standard form. Moreover, remember to check the signs of the coefficients. After entering press the Calculate button. As a result, your roots of the equation will appear.

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