Word Counter Tool Online to Count the Words and Characters

Word counter tool will help you to count words, characters, and letters online and it’s free. Also, it is the best and fastest result provider on the internet.

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“The quick brown fox jumped over a lazy dog” – This sentence contains nine words. How do I know it? Obviously by counting each word. This task becomes hard if asked to count the number of words in long paragraphs or pages.

It will be a hectic situation. On the other hand, no one can guarantee that the counting is accurate. In that case, we can use Word Counter.

Word Counter Tool Online to Count the Words and Characters

Word Counter Tool

There are a lot of benefits of using an online word count tool. First of all, it will save human time. Because manually counting words consumes a lot of time. This becomes even worse when the text is very long.

Secondly, the word counting system will display the correct results every time. These are the two main reasons why we should use it for counting the number of words in a text.

Word Count Tool can be used for many purposes. For example, you are writing content that has limit words requirement.

Some social media platforms have a limit on the length of the post. Using this system you can check the length of your post. This way you can ensure before posting.

Features of Word Counter Tool

Most importantly it’s very easy to use because of the simple user interface. We have tried to keep the process simple. Nothing fancy anywhere. Just enter the paragraph and it will count words so fast. The word counter system will use its algorithms and display the exact count of words.

Not only the word count, but there are also more things displayed. You can also check the number of characters present in the paragraphs. Counting characters is also a very useful feature. As now Twitter lets you post only 280 characters in a single tweet. You can check the tweet to make sure it has less than 280 characters.

Messaging apps also have limitations on the characters. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have specific limitations on posting. The maximum characters that you can use to post on Facebook are 63,206 and 8000 characters to comment on the Facebook posts.

There are a lot of reasons for using an online word counter. You will surely get frustrated manually counting words after some lines. This system will give you live information about the texts you have entered.

How to Count the Number of Words?

Now, let’s know the process of using this system. We have discussed the benefits and features. It is time to bring these things into action.

  1. You must know that this is an online service. Therefore you will need an Internet connection. Also, a device that can access the Internet. Open your web browser and open Word Counter Tool
  2. Copy your text / paragraph for that you want to count words.
  3. Paste it in the input box.
  4. Then the counting process will start automatically.
  5. As a result, you can see the total words, characters and letters at above the input box very quickly.

The counting process is very fast and accurate. Even more, it works on predefined algorithms. By the way, this service is very lightweight. So, it can also work perfectly on the slow Internet.

How to count the number of characters and lines?

Counting the number of characters and lines in a text is also very easy. This process is also similar. Just copy the text and paste it in the input box. That’s it.

You can click the “Reset” button to recount the words. This will again generate an empty input box.