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Username generator is a tool for generating random letters or names. It is easy and absolutely free to use. Also, you can utilize it to make your username.


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Username Generator | Random Letter Generator Online

About Random Username Generator

Username and Password, these two have become the most important things in our life. Whether it is for a social account, net banking account, or your official account.

Keep your username and password confidential. Anyone can gain access to your information. Use it to create havoc for you if they get to know about your username and password. Hence, it is your responsibility to keep your username and password safe from hackers.

There are various ways to do that. One of them is to create a strong username. Consequently, create a strong password. For creating a strong username, use our Random Username Generator.

You will know the features next in the article. Also, we will discuss its benefits. At the last, there is the process of “How to generate a random username?”. The Username Generator is the best tool on the web. The letter generator can prove very beneficial.

How should a strong username be like?

Cybersecurity analytics shows that strong usernames are equally important as strong passwords. They both contribute to making security stronger. Your username, as well as password, should never be weak. Here we will tell you how should a strong username be. Also, you can use our Password Generator tool and create a strong password online.

Implement it to better your security. A strong password is necessary. Along with a strong username adds extra security. Our Username Generator follows all these rules. Follow these rules for creating a username.

Don’t use easy to guess usernames

Some people create very easy usernames. Easy in the sense, easy to guess. For example, a person’s name is Abhishek and his username is also Abhishek then it is very easy to guess for anyone. Don’t keep usernames like this. Take time and think about it. Never include too many personal things.

Another thing, a username should be unique. Create a password that is easy to remember. However, very hard to guess. This is the most basic and equally important rule.

Only characters are not enough

A username should have numbers and variations in letter casing. Furthermore, including special characters makes them more secure. Hence, yuv12#RaJ is secure than Yuvraj. Here, you can see uppercase, as well as lowercase letters, have been used. Numbers and special characters are also included. These little things can be very beneficial. However, our Username Generator takes care of it. So that you don’t have to worry.

Username and password should never be the same

This type of mistake is committed by many of us. We keep the username and password the same. It is a very big breach of security. Always avoid doing this. Otherwise, you will suffer a lot. Both things should be different. Keeping both things the same makes cracking easy. One if cracks your username then ultimately your password is also cracked.

Don’t use the same username everywhere

Using the Letter Generator create different username for different platforms. We have a habit of using the same username everywhere. It is mostly because remembering so many usernames is somewhat difficult. But using different usernames can be beneficial. It will decrease your chances of getting hacked. So, from the next time. Use our Random Username Generator for generating usernames to use on different platforms.

Features of Username Generator

Our Online Username Generator lets you include:

  • Symbols (! @ $ # % ^ & *)
  • Numbers (0-9)
  • Lowercase (a-z)
  • Uppercase (A-Z)

The random letter generator also allows you to choose the length of your username. Set as per your requirement.

Advantages of using Random Username Generator

The tool can be very useful as it protects your privacy. Also, using the tool decreases your effort. It is a fast way to generate random usernames. You can’t make such a username in a second if you try with your mind. A username that will be not guessable. Subsequently, easy to remember.

How to use the Random Letter Generator?

First of all, get a device that can access the Internet. Along with it get an active net. The user interface is very simple. Therefore, anyone can easily use it. There is nothing that can confuse you.

Open this Username Generator using your Web browser. Then choose the length. Select your requirements (Symbols, Numbers, Lowercase, Uppercase). Click on the “Generate Username” button. Press the “Copy” to copy the username.