Random Number Generator

Random Number Generator is an online tool to generate any number between two digits. Even more, you can create a string of unique numbers. As you can see below, it’s very easy to use. You just need to enter a minimum and maximum number inside the box and click “Generate” button. As a result, you will get a unique random number or a string.


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Random Number Generator Online

Think of any number in your mind. Whatever comes into your mind, think about why that number came into your mind. There can be infinite answers for that. You have just got a thought of a random number. But in order to generate a lot of random numbers. Then it is preferable to go for something which generates random numbers automatically.

That’s what a random number generator does for you. Also, it’s the best tool for generating random numbers. Consequently, you are also free to choose random numbers from a given range.

Use of Random Number Generator

There are various ways in which the random number generator can be beneficial. Some of the most important ways are:

To Create Strong Password: In today’s world where cyber attacks have become a common thing. Strong passwords are hard to crack. What makes a password strong? A password should contain uppercase as well as lowercase letters along with numbers and special characters.

For example, “ABCD” can be easily cracked. But “Ajg&@28h3S” is very difficult to crack.

Bruteforce attack is a type of hacking that can crack the password string loop automatically. In this method, every type of combination is tried. If the password contains the things mentioned above(Like “Ajg&@28h3S”). Then Bruteforce will be unable to reach your password. Because it tries each and every combination and it will never reach your password. Also, in the meantime, the security system will get to know that the brute force attack is being used. So, it will block the hacker. Therefore, to make strong passwords Random Number Generator is used and it can also save you from Cyber-attacks.

Use this tool to create strong passwords and use that password for your private accounts. Also, make sure to remember the password. Otherwise, you will be in great trouble.

Another uses are:

Creating IDs:

The tool can be widely used in this case. Where you need to create random identification numbers. Maybe for any official work. Thinking of a random number will take time. On the other hand, this tool takes less than a second. Just set the range and number length. You are all set to go.

For Creating Barcodes:

If you are assigned to create barcodes extensively. Then go for the random number creator. Barcodes have a numeric string. The numeric string is like an identifier of a given data. It can be developed using the Random Number Generator. It will be the most convenient way to use it.

Generating Fake/Dummy Numbers:

Sometimes you may require a fake number for some purpose. In this case, this tool can be beneficial. It will help you to generate any random number by setting the limit easily. Every time you will get a unique number.

How to Use Random Number Generator?

Most importantly, it is an online tool. Therefore, you should have a device that can access the Internet. Subsequently, you also need an active Internet. After getting that, you are all set to generate random numbers.

Open the web browser and go to the Random Number Generator. You will see five input boxes and one result box to see the randomized number. Let’s describe all of them.

Features of all Fields

  • Minimum: Here you have to put the lowest number of your range. The lowest integer or decimal number.
  • Maximum: Here you have to put the highest number of your range. The highest integer or decimal number.
  • Step: It defines the number of steps you want in the range specified using minimum and maximum. Values coming under steps are removed. The randomized number will neglect these numbers. It’s an optional field.
  • String Length: As the name suggests, it defines the length of the random number string. It is an advantage of a random number generator. If you want to generate your own length of random number then you can use it.
  • String Delimiter: This option customizes the output or result. You can either choose space, comma, or newline. Whatever you choose it will be used for separating the random numbers. If you use the space then random numbers will be separated by spaces. If you use the comma then random numbers will be separated by commas. Similarly, for a new line, the number will be in a newline.

Once all the things are filled. Click on the “Generate” button. The result is displayed below. Also, you can use the “Reset” button for the new random number generation.