Speech to Text – Convert Voice to Text/String Online

Speech to Text converter will help you to convert human voice into text online. Just say something on your device and as a result, you will get output in a text string.

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Text to Speech Converter

Speech to Text - Convert Voice to Text/String Online

Do you want your voice to be transcribed? Then use this speech to text converter tool. Also, it is simple to use and very accurate. Just speak anything which you want to convert in text.

The technology used in this will write everything you will speak. So, you can easily get the text form of your audio. Now, no need for a human transcriber. Also, there are many uses of voice to text tool. We will discuss everything related to it here. So, let’s get started without wasting a single second.

Working of Speech to Text Tool

Let’s understand how the tool recognizes the voice and converts them into text. In addition, when you open the tool and start dictating then these things take place:

  • Firstly, the tool recognizes each letter and words from the dictation.
  • The Speech to Text tool has a library of all letters and alphabets. Now the question is How do they sound? For that, the tool starts comparing the speaking data with its stored library. Whatever the letter matches, it gets printed on the output.
  • At the end of dictation, words get printed.

Uses of Voice to Text tool

  1. For learning a foreign language: Using it you can learn the proper pronunciation of any foreign language that you have started learning.
  2. Minimise your writing efforts: Using this tool you can minimize your workload of typing. Just sit and dictate everything. It will automatically get printed. After that, copy it and use wherever you want.
  3. Dealing with disabled persons: Someone who can’t write because of his or her blindness or hand orthopedic problem. This tool is a golden key for them. They can easily speak their message and share it with others and communicate.
  4. Transcription: For any kind of transcription work you can use it. Turn on the tool and start the audio that you want to transcribe. Make sure to use a good quality microphone.
  5. If you don’t find typing interesting. Then go for voice to text converter. Sit, relax, and just speak. Also, you can use it if you have a really slow typing. Converting your speech will be more convenient.
  6. Writers, bloggers, journalists, teachers, etc can use this tool. It can surely prove to be very useful. Furthermore, it will increase work efficiency.

Pre-Requisites for using the Speech to text converter

  • Internet: The tool is totally works online. So, your device has to connect with the internet connection. Also, we are not storing any type of data on our server. The transcribed data you see on the page is temporary.
  • Latest web browser: For using this tool effectively, get the latest web browser. The browser should have a feature to access the microphone. Most importantly, remember to allow access when asked for connecting microphone.
  • High-quality microphone: For interpreting the dictation, a good microphone is necessary. Therefore, check the quality of your microphone. Also, make sure you are in a place where background disturbance is minimum. Because if your voice will be clear then you will get an accurate result.

Features of Voice to Text Converter

  • No downloading, no installation, and no registration required to use this tool. Just open the website and start using it. This makes the tool ready for cross-platforms.
  • The tool is absolutely free to use. No hidden charges.
  • Simple and sober interface for easy and best user experience. The tool hosts very simple to adapt to the environment. So, anyone can easily use it. Ahead you will know how to use the tool.
  • Accuracy is top class. If your voice is clear then you will get the accurate converted text.
  • It also recognises the punctuations. Like comma, full stop etc.
  • It has auto capitalisation feature.

How to Use Speech to Text Converter?

After you have got the Internet and an updated web browser. It’s time to follow the below steps to use it.

  • Open the browser and go to the Speech to Text Converter.
  • Now, Firstly, you can see the option that is “Start Recognition”. Press it when you want to start the dictation.
  • When you click on Start Recognition button then one popup will come. It ask for allow access to the browser to use the microphone. It’s necessary to give permission in order to use the input devices. If the microphone option already enable then popup will not come. You don’t need to wait for popup.
  • To stop the dictation, press the “Pause” button.
  • Lastly, all the converted text will be shown below. Now, you can select them and copy it to use it wherever you want.

However, if you face some problems in the output text then check your microphone. Also, check if there is any noise. Even more, check your web browser. Does it support speech recognition? The latest version of browsers has this feature. It is preferred to use the latest version of Google Chrome. If all these things are correct, then check whether the browser is listening to the right microphone. After all these, there will be no problem with voice to text. Enjoy using the tool.


We always try to make tools that help a lot to online users. We hope this tool will help you and reduce your work time. Also, if you like this tool then spend your few seconds to share it with your friends.