Hours Calculator – Calculate the Time Duration Online

Hours Calculator is the online tool for calculating time duration in hours. It is using for multiple purposes and we will discuss it in this article.

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Most importantly, time is a very special kind of stuff. Even more, it’s unique and uncontrollable. Time goes and goes on. So, it is not under anyone’s control. Like the phrase “Time and Tide, waits for none”. In addition, Conquering time is conquering life.

Hours Calculator - Calculate the Time Duration Online

Hours Calculator – Calculate the Time Duration Online

The shortage of time is the most common complaint of people nowadays. Also, the most important skill is time management. Use the Hours calculator for increasing your productivity by knowing the time. Therefore, we can properly utilize it.

Measurement of Time

Time is generally measured using seconds, minutes, and hours. For small instances, we prefer seconds. Whereas for a greater instance, we prefer minutes. And for large time durations, we are using hours. One hour has sixty minutes. A minute has sixty seconds and it is universally proved. Even more, there are more units for time. Some are very small and we can’t observe its durations easily. Such as nanosecond, microsecond, picosecond, etc. In the same vein, there are some units for a longer duration of time. For example day, week, month, year, etc.

Firstly, let’s take an example to understand how to calculate the time duration using Hours Calculator.

Example: We need to find the time difference between 2:40 PM and 4:40 PM.

Therefore, the start time = 2:40 PM = 2 Hour and 40 Minutes PM
And, End time = 4:40 PM = 4 Hours and 40 Minutes PM

After clicking on “Calculate” you can see the results as below.

Hours = 2 hours
Minutes = 120 minutes

Now, just head towards the website and try it yourself.

How to Use Hours Calculator?

Now, we will know the process of using the Hours Calculator. So, this thing will become very clear. Just read the steps carefully. Otherwise, you will find it difficult to utilize the tool. So, here we go.

Rules for entering the Time:

  1. Only integers are allowed. From 1 to 12 for Hours field and 0 to 60 for Minutes filed. Don’t enter decimals. Also, just enter the positive whole numbers only.
  2. For entering 12:30. Enter 12 in hours box and 30 in minute box.
  3. Numbers from 1 to 12 are interpreted as 1:00 to 12:00.
  4. Keep an eye on AM / PM selection. Also, it is a 12-hour format.

Fill both start time and end time then press the “Calculate” button. Also note that, you can not enter time using “:” symbols. It will not work.

As a result, you can see the results below. The time difference is displayed in two types:

  • Hours
  • Minutes