Cm to Inches Calculator – Convert Centimeters to Inches

You can use this cm to inches (Centimeters to Inches) calculator converter easily. Just enter the centimeter value inside the box. As a result, you will get the inch value in the second box. Also, you can use this tool in a reverse manner. It means you can enter inches values inside the box and get the centimeter value.

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Cm to Inches Calculator - Convert Centimeters to Inches

Two popular units for measuring. Namely Cm and Inch. To convert cm to inches. Use our converter and it is free to use. Even more, it is always accurate. Use this converter anytime anywhere.

Most importantly, we all need to measure things. Like if I am traveling I need to know the distances between starting and destination point. Similarly, If I am buying any furniture I need to know its dimensions. In the same vein, if I’m going for shoes I also need a measurement of my feet. Measurement is also used in clothes, construction, land, etc. That means we need measurement in our life.

Centimeter Measurement System

A centimeter is defined as the 100th of a meter. Its symbol is “cm”. This is defined by the International System of Units (SI). The SI prefix “Centi” is placed which shows the factor 1/100. Cm is using in those places, where smaller domination of meter is required. Like height is usually measuring in cm.

Inch Measurement System

Currently, an inch is defined as the 12th of a Foot. Its symbol is ‘in’. The term comes from the Latin word “uncia” means “one-twelfth” of the Roman foot. In the past different definition of an inch was in use. Like the earliest definition of an inch was based on barleycorn. Where an inch was measured using dry barleycorn. It is measuring as three barleycorns are placed end to end. Inch is mostly using in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Relationship between cm and inch

It is internationally accepted that one meter (1 m) is equal to 39.37007847. That means 1cm is equal to 0.3937007847 inches. And similarly, 1 in is equal to 2.54 cm.

How to convert Cm to Inches?

It is universally proved that 1 centimeter is equal to 0.39370078 inches. So, to convert centimeters to inches we need to multiply the given number by 0.39.

1 cm = (1 / 2.54) = 0.39370078 inches

So, there is 2.54 cm in an inch. You can convert your centimeter values into inches to divide by 2.54 with your cm figure.

Even more, you can do the reverse calculation to multiply by 2.54 and get the cm values.

Let us understand this using an example:

  1. Let we need to convert 20 centimeters to inches.
  2. We simply multiply 20 by 0.39. We get equivalent of 20 cm.
    20cm x 0.39 = 7.8 inch
  3. We get 7.8 which is our result.

Let’s take some more examples and understand them deeply.

Convert 30,40,50,60 cm to inches

Results are

1) 30cm / 2.54 = 11.81103″
2) 40cm / 2.54 = 15.74804″
3) 50cm / 2.54 = 19.68505″
4) 60cm / 2.54 = 23.62206″

Features of cm to inches calculator

Every day we come across many circumstances. Also, we cannot take a pen and paper to calculate or convert each time.

Some people are frequent with cm while some are with inch. In order to decrease the misunderstanding, we can use cm to inches converter.

Sometimes, we bought new material that’s dimensions are written in cm and we need to know its dimensions in inch. So, we also depend on centimeter to inch converter.

How to use cm to inches converter?

It is an online tool. Therefore, Firstly, connect to the Internet on your device and open browser. Go to the cm to inches conversion calculator. In the page move to centimeters to inches converter. There you need to enter centimeters. Then click the convert button. To find your result in decimal as well as in fraction form.

For convenience let us take some more example:

  1. Let enter 100 in enter centimeters column.
  2. Then click the convert button.
  3. As a result, you will find the output in two forms first in decimal that gives 39.7007874 and the fraction result gives 39 3/8.

Uses of centimeters to inches converter

Sometimes while filling a form, you may require to enter a value in inches. Use the converter to know your measurement in inches. Now, fill the form completely! The converter can also be used in scientific and mathematical calculations. As you know, for a calculation, all units should be the same. Otherwise, you get the wrong answer. Hence, use the tool to get all measurements in the same. Consequently, to make the calculation simple and fast.

Advantages of Cm to Inches Converter

  • The tool is very simple to use. Furthermore, it is free to use. Your conversion is done in less than a second. It is fast so it saves time. When you go for manual conversion. It is impossible to complete in second without using a calculator.
  • The cm to inches converter is 100% accurate. In pen-paper conversion. You may end up with the wrong answer. This is not the case here. Also, every output is 100% true. If provided input is also correct. If your input is incorrect. Then ultimately output will not be correct. In short, computers never make mistakes. We humans do.

Centimeters to Inches Conversion Chart

(in decimal)
(in fraction)
0.01 cm 0.0039 in 0 in
0.1 cm 0.0394 in 3/64 in
1 cm 0.3937 in 25/64 in
2 cm 0.7874 in 25/32 in
3 cm 1.1811 in 1 3/16 in
4 cm 1.5748 in 1 37/64 in
5 cm 1.9685 in 1 31/32 in
6 cm 2.3622 in 2 23/64 in
7 cm 2.7559 in 2 3/4 in
8 cm 3.1496 in 3 5/32 in
9 cm 3.5433 in 3 35/64 in
10 cm 3.9370 in 3 15/16 in
20 cm 7.8740 in 7 7/8 in
30 cm 11.8110 in 11 13/16 in
40 cm 15.7840 in 15 3/4 in
50 cm 19.6850 in 19 11/16 in
60 cm 23.6220 in 23 5/8 in
70 cm 27.5591 in 27 9/16 in
80 cm 31.4961 in 31 1/2 in
90 cm 35.4331 in 35 7/16 in
100 cm 39.3701 in 39 3/8 in