BMI Calculator – Calculate Your Body Mass Index – For Men & Women

BMI Calculator (Body Mass Index) is widely used to know whether a person is underweight, normal or overweight. Use this online tool to find your BMI and know whether you are fit or not.

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BMI Calculator - Calculate Your Body Mass Index - For Men & Women

What is Body Mass Index (BMI)?

Body Mass Index is the ratio of the weight of a person by his or her height. It tells the condition of your body fat. Whether you belong to underweight, normal or overweight. There is a graph containing BMI values. It is used to know the body fat state. Also, there are more regions lying under BMI.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), a healthy weight lies under 18.5 to 24.9. Use our BMI Calculator to find your BMI now. Hope to see you in the safe range. However, it is not a permanent value. BMI can change from time to time. It depends upon you, how you keep yourself fit.

If your BMI doesn’t lie in the healthy weight region. Work upon yourself to gain perfect health. Lose weight if you are obese. Gain weight if you are underweight. Even more, height also plays an important factor in maintaining BMI. Your height should match perfectly with body weight. Furthermore, we have discussed more on BMI. Also, about the BMI Calculator article.

In general, if the BMI increases then the body fat of the person will surely increase. It’s just because BMI is directly proportional to body weight. Whereas it is indirectly proportional to height.


The mathematical formula for calculating BMI:

BMI = Weight of a person (Kg) / [ Height of a person (meters) ]2

Here, you can see if the weight increases then BMI ultimately increases. Along with that, if height increases then BMI decreases. For a healthy weight, both should be balanced. Height should be according to weight. In real life, height is somewhat not easy to control. Therefore, the focus is given on controlling weight. Gain or lose weight with respect to your height.

How to calculate BMI?

For calculating the BMI of anyone. Follow the steps given below.

  • Get the weight in kilogram.
  • Get the height in meters or centimetres.
  • Square the height.
  • Divide the weight by square of height.
  • Look at the BMI chart. Know where the BMI value lies.

BMI Chart

The Body Mass Index is used to know that a person is whether underweight, normal or overweight. These are the different categories of BMI:

  • If the estimated BMI comes below 18.5. Then he or she is said to be “Underweight”.
  • If the estimated BMI comes under 18.5 – 24.9. Then he or she is said to be “Normal”.
  • Whether the estimated BMI comes under 25 – 29.9. Then he or she is said to be “Overweight”.
  • Whether the estimated BMI comes above 30. Then he or she is said to be “Obese”.

Also, this table will help you to understand it better.

Body Mass Index Condition Health Risk
Below 18.5 Underweight Malnutrition Risk
18.5 – 24.9 Normal Low risk
25 – 29.9 Overweight Enchanced risk
Above 30 Obese High risk

So, by using this chart. You can easily categorize a person. Into where his or her BMI lies. If a person falls under any category rather than Normal. Then he or she should focus on diet and exercise. It is important to maintain a good BMI.

Benefits of keeping a good BMI

A healthy weight comes along with numerous health benefits. As you know health is most vital. For you to keep on working. You should have normal health. By maintaining a good BMI. You can enjoy these benefits:

  1. Get relief from heart diseases. A healthy weighted person has fewer chances to have heart diseases.
  2. Reduce the risks of having Cancer. Good BMI prevents Cancer to great extent.
  3. Good health or BMI makes the immune system stronger. A stronger immune system is necessary. To fight against diseases. To protect you from predators.
  4. A good health increases self-confidence. You look more active and fresher. You will work better. Consequently, you will live a better life.

How BMI Calculator Works?

The Body Mass Index Calculator is an online tool. Calculates your BMI by taking your weight and height. Whatever weight and height you enter in the prescribed format. There is a simple mathematical calculation with it. The weight is divided by square of height. As a result, you will get the output of your BMI.

Our BMI Calculator also tells you about the BMI category and health risk. The tool looks in which category does your BMI lie. Hence, the final result is displayed. Even more, the result will not be false. Because the mechanism behind the tool is very accurate and well tested.

Advantages of using the BMI Calculator

Do you also think? If we can calculate BMI manually. Then why you should go for our BMI tool. Therefore, these are the major reasons that make our tool the best.

  • For any online web app to use. The user interface should be simple. In order to increase user experience. Our UI/UX designers have worked hard for making your experience smoother. You can use the calculator without any hurdles. However, anyone can use it. Also, it is very simple to work upon.
  • The manual BMI calculation takes time. Firstly, you have to calculate the BMI. Secondly, dividing the weight by square of height. Lastly, you have to look for the category. This is undoubtedly a long process. On the other hand, BMI Calculator will do it in less than a second. Therefore, to save time and effort using this Body Mass Index Calculator.
  • With our BMI Calculator we can also give a guarantee about accuracy. Yes, all results are 100% correct. It is just because it is not operated by any human. A human can make a mistake. Not computers.

How to use the BMI Calculator?

As mentioned above, it is an online tool. So, firstly, connect to the Internet. Then on your device open your web browser. Go to the BMI Calculator website.

When the website loads completely. You will get to see two input boxes. Enter your weight and height in the prescribed format in respective input boxes. Then press the “Calculate” button. It will display the BMI value, BMI Category, and Health risk associated with it. For repeating the BMI calculation. Just press the “Reset” button. You are now again all set to go.